“Vulnerability attracts honesty, honesty attracts soul connections”

One of the core values of Forever Om Yoga is community. We were founded in the small town of Lake Forest, IL and when Cilla first opened the yoga studio, she wanted to maintain the fundamental aspects of the town she grew up in her whole life. Those included, support, empathy, and understanding to your neighbors. At the root of it: the “love your neighbor” mentality was one she strived for at Forever Om Yoga. That’s why our teachers support one another, donate to local charities through donation based classes, and we host free events in town. She wanted the town and the members of Forever Om Yoga to feel the love of the people around them. The goal is to celebrate your authentic self and other people’s.

But how do we remember that we are all supporting each other during the vinyasa practice? Everyone who comes to Forever Om Yoga may look completely different in their asanas. Those differences are beautiful to us at Forever Om Yoga. We welcome everyone to the studio, no matter their flexibility, strength, or their experience. What unites us as a community is the breath. Each inhale, each exhale, is a reminder that we are connected to each other. We are the same, no matter what your practice looks like. The physical practice is our simple tool to escape our ego and focus on what is real: the present moment. The person to your right could be in child’s pose, and the person to your left in headstand, but all three of you are focusing on deepening your breath. The breath is loud enough for other other people in the room to hear. Together, you support one another and remind each other that breath is the most simple way to remember we are alive and present.

What an incredible gift, to be able to grow with the support of forty other yogis around you breathing together. When you feel lonely, Forever Om Yoga is there to remind you that we are all human. We all experience struggles and hardships. But as we breath through Sun A, we are unified as one breath, one community, one love.