Forever Om Yoga offers many levels of yoga from beginners yoga (Getting Started) to Power Vinyasa (hot). Read the class descriptions and levels to decide which class is for you.

Why hot yoga?

There are many benefits to doing yoga in a heated room. Hot yoga strengthens and detoxifies the body, adding a new level of intensity to your normal routine. Working harder in a heated room demands focus and emphasis on breath. This intensity is beneficial in training your mind for many challenges, from meditation to racing. Your body and mind will get stronger quickly and you will burn an average of 600 calories per hour.

Is the air clean?

We took great care and expense to put the right heating system into our studio. After consulting with a hot yoga studio designer, we purchased state of the art heating systems (yes system“s”) which will heat the air, recirculate and clean the air with an infrared light so that you are breathing the cleanest air possible during your practice. The humidity is set at the ideal 60%  so that you are not working out in a dry heat and therefore you are able to sweat like never before.

Can everyone do it?

The most important thing to remember in every yoga class, hot or not, is to listen to your body. When you need a rest you take a rest. If you need to step out of the room for five minutes then that is what you should do. Childs’ pose is an ideal place to regroup before joining in again. Before you know it you will be powering through each class with more focus and strength than you imagined. Enjoy the powerful, never ending journey of yoga.