New Students

We love new students! Welcome!

Whether you have taken a 1,000 classes or you are considering taking your first class, we want you to come to yoga prepared to practice, ready to learn and willing to explore.

What’s our Introductory Offer? We want you to have the chance to take as many classes for as little cost as possible! We’re offering students new to FOY a full month of unlimited yoga classes for only $99. If you practice only two times per week, that’s only $12.30 per visit but we hope you practice much more than that!

Click here to purchase the intro offer

By the way, your Intro Offer only starts the first visit into the studio. So purchase it now and it won’t activate until you take your first class.

What is Forever Om Yoga all about? A community of great people, great energy, great yoga. The first time you come to the studio, arrive 15 minutes early. This will give you time to register at the front desk, fill out a waiver, and get prepared for class. We suggest you wear comfortable clothing, have an open mind and be good to yourself! Think about taking one of our beginner workshops. These workshops are geared toward learning the alignment of poses, learning the breath and getting you even more comfortable in your class.

What kind of class should I take?

Really any class is open to beginners. If you’re unsure about the heat start with an hour long class. Drink a lot of water before your class (not just during). You must be hydrated before you come in! Don’t come on a completely empty stomach but don’t be full either! You need energy for this type of practice. Tell your teacher you’re new to yoga! We are here to help you feel amazing during your practice – not frustrated. Remember we all start somewhere. This practice is lifelong! It never ends and there are always new places to go in each and every pose.

PLEASE ARRIVE AT LEAST 10 MINUTES BEFORE CLASS!!! SIGN UP AHEAD OF TIME! This will make your first experience so much easier for you and for your teacher.

Discover your strength, inspire your life!

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