Gratitude Season; The Practice

Posted November 4, 2019

Gratitude Practice Explained The holiday season is a good time to think about gifts, and not just the paper-wrapped kind. The people in your life can themselves be gifts—and so can a thousand other things, big and little, many of which you probably overlook day to day. Taking time during the holidays to notice, contemplate,   Continue Reading

Fun Finds: The Happiness Lab

Posted September 17, 2019

Here’s a little fun find on this fine fall day! You might think you know what it takes to lead a happier life… more money, a better job, or Instagram-worthy vacations. You’re dead wrong. Yale professor Dr. Laurie Santos has studied the science of happiness and found that many of us do the exact opposite   Continue Reading

Farmer’s Footprint and FOY

Posted July 22, 2019

It’s the growing season and that means fresh produce and farmers markets and simple dinners. It’s easy to prep a meal when produce is fresh off the farm. And, it’s a great time to follow the principals of Sattva. Yogis believe that food is our first interaction with the world around us, and if we   Continue Reading

Practicing These Habits Can Put You on a Path to Better Health

Posted July 9, 2019

Looking for a way to deepen your yoga practice? You can start by deepening your daily habits to improve your health. That’s because a truly transformative practice is rooted in a lifestyle that fosters wellness; however, achieving this wellness does not have to be difficult. Just like your yoga postures in class, you can make   Continue Reading

Summer Celebrations

Posted July 3, 2019

Summer has begun and we want to party! Have a fabulous Fourth of July and we will see you for lots of yoga fun this month. There is Beer Head Bar and Eatery Yoga Social on Saturday July 6 and July 20th so don’t miss out. Sign up under events. AND… we are celebrating our   Continue Reading

International Day of Yoga June 21st

Posted June 17, 2019

How Has Yoga Changed Your Life? International Day of Yoga – June 21st, 2019 Yoga is an ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India. The word ‘yoga’ derives from Sanskrit and means to join or to unite, symbolizing the union of body and consciousness. Today it is practiced in various forms around   Continue Reading

One Simple Thing

Posted May 29, 2019

We often get asked for yoga book recommendations so this month, we are recommending One Simple Thing, A New Look at the Science of Yoga and How It Can Transform Your Life by Eddie Stern. The following is a description from the author’s website Yoga in its original form was created as a science for   Continue Reading

Breaking The Stigma, Mental Health Awareness

Posted May 23, 2019

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, here is a link to a recent Yoga Journal article on five yogis #breakingthestigma

Monday Music Mood….

Posted May 13, 2019

  Here’s a little musical treat for your Monday Mood. Playlist courtesy of Dianne. Enjoy!

Spring Clean!

Posted April 23, 2019

Spring is here! As we celebrate Earth Day, let’s embrace this season of renewal. You can use your yoga and meditation practice to spring clean not just your home, but your mental clutter as well. Of course you can celebrate May with us, but here are some other fun ways to celebrate this amazing season!   Continue Reading

The Mindful Family

Posted April 9, 2019

In yoga, we set our intention both on and off the mat. Intention setting is a way to become more conscious and tap into our deepest intuition; to make a connection with our highest truth. It is a way to honor the deeper meaning in our lives and remind us of our true nature. Intention   Continue Reading

The Four Remembrances

Posted April 3, 2019

Whether you just returned from a spring break trip or a staycation, hopefully you feel refreshed and ready for Spring. However you’ve kicked off this season, it’s important to remember that daily beauty and restorative living is always available. We don’t have to live in such a way that we need a vacation from our   Continue Reading

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