Power Vinyasa

Get ready to sweat, be challenged, and have fun! In Power Vinyasa students flow from pose to pose – utilizing the principles of alignment, personal awareness and breath. Our classes are physically challenging and creatively designed to transform your body, inspire your practice and help you to find your edge. This class is energetically challenging, however, all yogis are welcome. Some inversions and arm balances will be offered but as usual use your intuition and do what’s best for your practice.

Studio is heated to 90 degrees and 60% humidity. A yogitoes towel is suggested to put over your mat….mats get sweaty and slippery in the hot room.

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Quick Fix

Sometimes your body needs a quick realignment – twisting, stretching, power to lengthen the muscles and to feel good. This sweaty class is just a shorter version of the power vinyasa but will challenge you for the full 45 minutes. Please stay for savasana (our final resting pose). Without savasana your practice is not complete. 92 degrees

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Athlete's Recovery (Plus)

This detox class is specifically designed to aid in the recovery process for those in training or for anyone looking for deep yoga holds, IT band stretching, twisting and balance. Class will be heated to 90 degrees to help you go deeper into your muscles and allow your body to detoxify. Your body will respond in big ways in this heated practice…it will keep you healthy for your next big workout, race or game. The + refers to an extra guided meditation at the end which will deepen your rest (yoga nidra).

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Rest & Rejuvenate (not hot)

This class is custom designed to stretch the body and relax the mind. 40 minutes of stretching and lengthening the muscles, bringing range of motion to joints and tendons followed by 20 minutes of guided meditation or yoga nidra. Leave feeling energized, not sleepy. NOT HOT

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Yin & Tonic (not hot)

Your perfect morning cocktail of both hatha poses (nice standing strength and stretching poses) and yin poses (long floor holds to get into your ligaments and tendons) A perfect post workout stretch or a way to realign your body without the intensity of a power class. (NOT HOT)

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Candlelight Flow

Experience the meditative focus of breath and the physical intensity of practicing yoga in a studio uniquely illuminated by candlelight. Room will be heated so be prepared to sweat, but leave feeling invigorated with a true mind, body, and spiritual connection. Class will encompass a vinyasa flow format but allowing time for longer restorative holds at the end of class. A simply perfect way to end your day! (Considered a Level 1 in energetic level rather than our typical power)

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