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Mindfulness Moment – by Leah

Everywhere I look (books, magazines, the web) I run across the topic of mindfulness. It’s been Time Magazine’s cover story in February (,16641,20140203,00.html) and Harvard Business Review published this article in March ( There is even a new magazine called Mindful ( Just google “mindful” and you’ll hit the jackpot. If I weren’t a yogi more »

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Weekend With Chelsea Roff – Body Image & Yoga

August 8, 2014 – August 10, 2014

Chelsea Roff runs her own non-profit to help others overcome eating disorders. If you or anyone you know and love has struggled with body image or eating disorders this event is something you must not miss. If you’re a yoga teacher – you must not miss this event. We can actually help others overcome the more »

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